Stas Zhalobniuk & 3.14BAN  3.14BAN

Stas Zhalobniuk & 3.14BAN 3.14BAN

Art is not only about creation, but also about transformation! We present to you an unsurpassed combination of creativity and sustainable development: unique bags by 3.14BAN, created together with the unsurpassed artist Stas Zhalobniuk.

These bags are more than just fashion accessories. They are a testament to how art can be transformed while retaining its uniqueness and appeal. The banners that once announced exhibitions of Zhalobnyuk's work have now become part of the stylish image of everyone who appreciates quality, aesthetics and timelessness.

Some of these banners have been waiting for their time for 14 years, and now they are with us again - in a new form, as a symbol of artistic development and sustainability.

This is an art history that continues to live on in a new form.