2023 was a busy and productive year for our team!

2023 was a busy and productive year for our team!

We managed to implement many activities, develop and implement a number of innovative ideas in our operations.

🌎 Expanding the geography of production: Lviv and Kharkiv are the cities where banners are now becoming real masterpieces in our hands.

We have expanded our capabilities and diversified our production, enabling more people to join the conscious consumption movement.

🌟 Participation in 20+ events: Exhibitions, fairs, workshops are the platforms where we not only presented our products, but also shared innovative approaches to recycling and design. Your support and interest helped us to move forward with confidence.

♻️ 3 new products: We have developed and presented our new creations that embody aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. These new models are a step towards environmentally conscious style and functionality.

📈 Strategy for the next 2 years: We have been carefully working on our development strategy. Every step of the way, we have designed with the idea of creating a more efficient and sustainable foundation for our brand.

🌱 Grants for innovation: Our team puts extraordinary effort into developing new ideas. And although we have written 4 grant applications, we are still waiting for a response. We believe that this is just the beginning of great opportunities!

We are confident that our hard work and constant development are bringing us closer to victory. We are proud to generate revenues for the country's budget and continue to develop further, not relaxing on the results we have achieved.

Thank you for your support and faith in our mission!

More to come, only better!



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