Guarantee obligation

According to Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" the manufacturer ensures proper operation (use, exploitation) of the products, including components, during the warranty period.

When the warranty repair is carried out, the warranty period is increased by the time the product is in repair.

When exchanging the product its warranty period is recalculated from the day of exchange.

Transport costs are shared proportionally between the customer and the manufacturer equally.

Date of the beginning of warranty service is the date indicated in the delivery note, which the carrier gives to the customer at the time of receipt by him of shipment.

Quality assurance of products applies only to manufacturing defects, which occurred during the production of the product and does not apply to:

effects of extreme temperatures;
acids and grass;
Improper storage;
poor operation and maintenance;
overloading of the equipment; overloading of the equipment;
use of the product in a manner inconsistent with its intended use;
as well as damage caused by third persons - carriers, or as a result of passing through the customs control.
In case of damage to the vintage during transportation, the consumer is recommended to present the appropriate claim to the carrier company (which is insured in case of damage to the luggage that is transported) at the point of arrival (if possible before signing the documents of receipt).

Exchange and return

Exchange and return of goods of appropriate quality is carried out within 14 days if it has not been used and if its appearance, serviceability, seals, labels are preserved, as well as the settlement document issued to consumers together with the sold goods (consignment note issued by the carrier or the receipt issued by the buyer in the store). Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.

Exchange and return of goods of improper quality within 14 days at the expense of the seller.

Exchange and return of goods of relevant and unreliable quality is made only in the place where the cash settlement (purchase):

- purchases made at physical stores are subject to exchange/return only for the address where you bought the product;

- purchases made in the online store are subject to exchange/reversal only by sending the order to the central warehouse with the further return of the money. Return of the funds is carried out within 1-2 business days from the time of receipt of delivery. After the shipment MUST give manager the number of the consignment note, so we could look at the date of delivery.

IMPORTANT: to avoid damage to the products during transportation (delivery by new mail) - OBLIGATELY send the return in the same form in which the delivery was made by the store.

If the conditions of exchange and return of products are violated - the seller reserves the right to refuse the exchange/return of the product of proper or unreliable quality.

If at the time of the exchange of an analogous product is not available for sale, the consumer has the right to buy any other goods from the available range at the same cost recalculation, or to terminate the contract and take back the money in the amount of the cost of returned goods, or to exchange the goods for an analogous one at the first receipt of the appropriate goods for sale. The seller is obliged on the day of arrival of the goods for sale to notify the customer, who claims the exchange of goods.

At the termination of the contract of sale, settlements with the customer are carried out on the basis of the value of the goods at the time of purchase. The money paid for the goods shall be returned to the customer on the date of termination of the contract, and if it is impossible to return the money on the date of termination of the contract - at another time when the parties agreed, but not less than seven days.


* At the end of the warranty period or in case of defects caused by the customer (non-guaranteed faults), the seller provides the possibility of their repair for an additional fee, the amount of which will be individually estimated depending on the size and complexity of the damage.

Costs associated with the transportation of products will also be at the expense of the customer.

The seller reserves the right to refuse post-warranty service to the customer.

* Goods with manufacturing defects, which were not the fault of the customer within 14 - days from the date of receipt of the product by the buyer, are understood to be goods with manufacturing defects, namely:

- Faulty seams, which may affect the impossibility of full use of the product (the evenness or lack of evenness of the stem does not affect the classification of the product to the category of non-relevant quality);

* The date of receipt of the consumer of the goods is the date of receipt of goods in the new mail (specified in the consignment note, which the carrier gives on delivery of the vantage).