Тепле місто & 3.14BAN

Тепле місто & 3.14BAN

When it comes to changes in the city, we believe that every small step leads to big transformations. Cooperation with @teple_misto is not only an honor for us, but also a great responsibility🤍

Thanks to upcycling, together we turned 4 banners from past events into something more than just material objects.

Each of these banners has its own story - from the Read program to the Development and Recovery Forum. We have added a descriptive part to each product, where you can read the history of each event, from its beginning to the present. These are not just products - they are memories, success stories, and the path to realization ідей🙌🏼

This is a complete concept of conscious consumption: from idea to realization.

We believe that each of us has the opportunity to change the world around us, and we are proud to have collaborated with @teple_misto 🫂❤️